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Slavoj Žižek’s Speech at Liberty Square

On October 9, 2011, Slavoj Žižek delivered the following speech at Liberty Square (this is a rough transcription, done to the best of my ability).   [...] “[They are saying] we are all losers, but the true losers are down there on Wall Street. They were bailed out by billions of our money. We are called socialists, but here there is already socialism — for the rich. They say we don’t respect private pr ...

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Issues First Official Declaration

Since the occupation of Wall Street first began on September 17th, the mainstream media has criticized the general assembly for its lack of a cohesive list of complaints or demands. Not to be rushed by expectations of corporations and the elite they serve, the Occupy Wall Street action took its time fulfilling this demand. On Thursday night, Occupy Wall Street participants voted on and approved the first of ...

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The Guardian: Occupy Wall Street protesters march against police brutality

Thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in New York to highlight police brutality at last week's protest against the power of the US finance industry Several thousand anti-Wall Street protesters marched through downtown Manhattan on Friday night to protest against incidents of police brutality at a previous demonstration. The group was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement which has camped for almo ...

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Greek Watergate Scandal- US Embassy behind phone-tapping of Karamanlis

According to a Greek prosecutor, the US embassy in Athens was apparently behind the wiretapping of former prime minister Costas Karamanlis as well as other officials in the period 2004 – 2005. In today’s edition of “Kathimerini on Sunday” it was revealed that four of a total of fourteen mobile phones used by the former prime minister and his associates, were purchased in the name of the US embassy. Apart fr ...

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USA – UK : 2 – 1

Three stories that made us laugh and cry at the same time. by Dozens of teens detained after Philadelphia's earlier curfew Police on bicycles detain a minor for a curfew violation in Philadelphia. Philadelphia (CNN) -- Philadelphia police picked up 50 juveniles for violating the city's beefed-up curfew which took effect Friday night, authorities said Saturd ...

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