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Uprising in Union Square – Occupy 1914

Anti-capitalist protests in Union Square brutally attacked by police. Economic hardship among the workers. Ostentatious expenditure by the wealthy.  This scenario sounds like the news headlines of the past couple of years, yet the period referred to is the year 1914 and the story is the one told in More Powerful Than Dynamite: Radicals, Plutocrats, Progressives and New York’s Year of Anarchy.  This book is ...

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Enough is enough

US radicals came up a century ago with sound proposals for a maximum income, enforced through progressive taxation, to ensure that the rich couldn’t so easily buy political influence, as well as to adjust inequality. The Occupy Wall Street movement hasn’t yet demanded a cap on individual income but it probably will. Ever since the “golden age” after the Civil War, great American popular surges for economic ...

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Arrests in Oakland protests rise to more than 400

(Reuters) - More than 400 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested in Oakland during a night of skirmishes in which police fired tear gas and bean bag projectiles, the city said on Sunday, marking one of the biggest mass arrests since nationwide economic protests began last year. Earlier on Sunday, authorities had said that the arrest figure was between 200 and 300. But the Oakland emergency operations cen ...

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Beating the Drums of War: Provoking Iran into "Firing the First Shot"

[Author's Note: SAY NO TO WAR ON IRAN, Spread the word, forward this article, post it on Facebook. Our objective at Global Research is to curb the flow of media disinformation, reverse the tide of war and restore World peace.] Introduction While the possibility of a war with Iran is acknowledged in US news reports, its regional and global implications are barely analyzed. Very few people in America are awar ...

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US pressured Spain to implement online piracy law, leaked files shows.

US ambassador threatened Spain with 'retaliation actions' if the country did not pass tough new Sopa-style internet piracy laws. The US ambassador in Madrid threatened Spain with "retaliation actions" if the country did not pass tough new internet piracy laws, according to leaked documents. The latest revelation comes amid a fierce debate over America's own plans to pass online piracy legislation that criti ...

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Ten Years of Guantánamo: Andy Worthington Visits the US to Campaign for the Closure of the Prison, January 5-15, 2012

January 11, 2012 is a profoundly depressing anniversary — marking ten years since the Bush administration established its “war on terror” prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and decided that those who ended up in US custody would not be screened to ascertain whether or not they were combatants, and would be sent to Guantánamo to be held without rights. To mark this bleak occasion, Andy Worthington, investigativ ...

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Lessons from the GoDaddy Customer Revolt

GoDaddy (a web hosting company) announced its support of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in late October 2011. The news of GoDaddy's pro-SOPA stance appeared on Reddit on December 22, 2011, and then went viral. Within a few days, customers had moved over 72,000 domains off of GoDaddy's domain hosting service in protest and declared December 29, 2011 "Move Your Domain Away From GoDaddy Day." ...

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The Progressive: Where the Occupy Movement Heads

From the massive student strike at OccupyCal in Berkeley to the police crackdown of the OccupyWallStreet movement’s birthplace in New York City and dozens of actions and headlines in between — from coast to coast, last week was an important, up-and-down week for the growing Occupy movement. Where the movement heads in the weeks and months to come, however, will be even more critical to the fate of this peop ...

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Food chain slaves

It is a nation built on the abolition of slavery, but there are at least 40,000 slaves in the US today. In the opening episode of Slavery: A 21st Century Evil, Al Jazeera's Rageh Omaar investigates food chain slavery, considered the easiest form of slavery to stamp out, in the US. The US has been leading the global fight against modern slavery. But, according to conservative estimates, there are between 40, ...

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