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Guantanamo Bay prisoners clash with guards amid hunger strike

  Guards at Guantanamo Bay prison have clashed with inmates after they tried to relocate them to individual cells. The prisoners have been on hunger strike for three months over their indefinite detention and conditions. Violence broke out Monday during a raid on prisoner cells at the US base in Cuba, also known as GTMO, when troops tried to relocate some of them from a communal section of the facility ...

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Trade School

Trade School is an alternative, self-organized school that runs on barter. It works like this: 1) Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items from students. For example, if you teach a class about making butter, you might ask students to bring heavy cream, jars, bread, music tips, clothes, vegetables, or help with something like finding an apartment. 2) Students sign up for classes by agreeing to brin ...

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Nearly one third of all US foreign profits are in Bermuda, the Netherlands and Ireland

  It’s worth recalling in the light of my last post what the White House had to say about offshoring of profits in 2009. In that year they said: Nearly one-third of all foreign profits reported by U.S. corporations in 2003 came from just three small, low-tax countries: Bermuda, the Netherlands, and Ireland. That then was the most recent data. The Netherlands objected to the line that they were a tax ha ...

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How the FBI Monitored the Occupy Movement

The FBI and other federal agencies coordinated with banks and local authorities in reacting to the Occupy Movement, which was put in the category of a domestic terrorist threat despite the group’s advocacy of nonviolence, Dennis J. Bernstein reports. From RT : By Dennis J. Bernstein and Mara Verheyden-Hilliard Newly obtained secret FBI documents show that the Feds treated the Occupy Movement as a criminal t ...

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How The Too Big To Fail Banks Were Born

Large Bank Mergers Since 1990 This is how the U.S. banking monopoly was created after more than two decades of unbridled bank mergers endorsed, and in some cases, encouraged the by the OCC, the FDIC, the FTC and the elimination of Glass-Steagall.   ...

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Walmart's First-Ever Retail Worker Strike Spreads To Six Cities

The first-ever strikes by Walmart retail workers have spread to Dallas, Seattle, Miami, Washington D.C., Sacramento and San Francisco. Walmart workers are striking in at least six cities, according to a release sent out by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union on Tuesday morning. Until last Friday, when about 60 Walmart employees walked off the job for a day in Los Angeles, no Walmart retail workers ...

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Chicago teachers end strike

  Chicago teachers end strike, school to resume Wednesday (Reuters) - Chicago public school teachers voted on Tuesday to end their strike and resume classes in the third-largest U.S. school district, ending a confrontation with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that focused national attention on struggling urban schools. Some 800 union delegates representing the 29,000 teachers and support staff in Chicago Public Sch ...

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Mainstream media whitewashes the facts behind TrapWire scandal

The discovery of a surveillance system named TrapWire has connected state and federal law enforcement agencies with a vast intelligence infrastructure, raising questions everywhere — except in the mainstream media. The New York Times finally brought TrapWire into discussion late Monday in an article published on their website that has journalist Scott Shane discarding initial reports made about the surveill ...

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Noam Chomsky: What next for Occupy?

The Occupy movement built a global sense of community and put unprecedented inequality on the agenda. In an exclusive extract, the eminent US thinker asks where it goes now. This is the transcript of a discussion that took place earlier this year between Noam Chomsky and Occupy supporters Mikal Kamil and Ian Escuela for InterOccupy, an organisation that provides links between supporters of the Occupy moveme ...

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