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State and shadowy attacks against the antifa movement and migrants in Greece

In the recent months, state and shadowy/parastatal attacks by police forces and fascist groups against antifascists and immigrants in Greece have increased alarmingly. The country is being rapidly turned into a battlefield of a new civil war and the state stands for it. Here you can see an indicative inventory of the most significant attacks in the period of the last three months: 01/06 – Formal grievance a ...

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Impossible Biographies

Many years before the first clouds of the crisis would hover over the greek skies, amidst greek society's most glorious of moments and its most mundane of days, the lives and labour of migrants would be faced with their meticulous devaluation. Impossible Biographies from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.   For them, the crisis has by now come of age. Yet despite and against shallow journalistic interpretations, t ...

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Debt of Sisyphus: Greek economy’s coma is a misguided political experiment

Austerity is destroying the free part of the Greek economy, leaving government more dysfunctional than ever. Worse news: it will need yet another bailout... Seasoned economic observers remain shocked by recent events. Greece will soon need another bailout. That’s not remotely surprising. What shocks is that there remains some semblance of an economy to bail out after 6 years of depression. Greece is bust, t ...

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Why Nobody Cares About the Surveillance State

When you've been groped by the TSA, what's a little NSA spying? BY DAVID RIEFF On their face, Edward Snowden's revelations about the National Security Agency's secret mass electronic data surveillance system should have created a political firestorm for the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress. Not only have PRISM and related programs been used systematically to collect information about Americans wit ...

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Amigdaleza, the Greek Abu Graib

On Saturday night, violent riots broke out in the Detention Centre of Migrants in Amigdaleza, ironically called Guest Centre for Migrants). It is well documented that the detention conditions are horrific and that most of the prisoners are held illegally since they have not committed any crime nor have they been tried and sentenced by any court. Following the riots, the “guests” in Amygdaleza already count ...

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Tahrir-ICN statement on events in Egypt

The events of the past couple of days are the latest step in a sequence of events by which the military can consolidate its hold on power, aim towards the death of the revolution and a return to a military/police state. The authoritarian regime of the Muslim Brotherhood had to go. But what has replaced it is the true face of the military in Egypt – no less authoritarian, no less fascist and for sure more di ...

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No Border Camp in Rotterdam, 2 -10 August.

While Dutch politicians are taking their summer holidays, human rights campaigners and activists are coming from all over Europe and elsewhere to Rotterdam to build a strong front against the government and its prison industrial complex engaged in discrimination, repression and detention of refugees coming to the Netherlands. Despite widespread condemnation, including from the UN and Amnesty International, ...

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Understanding the latest leaks is understanding the rise of a new fascism

In his book, 'Propaganda', published in 1928, Edward Bernays wrote: "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." The American nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays invented the term ...

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Shared symbolism of global youth unrest

Paul Mason Economics editor, for The language and the time zone changes but, from Turkey and Bulgaria to Brazil, the symbolism of protest is increasingly the same. The Guy Fawkes masks, the erection of tent camps, the gas masks and helmets improvised in response to the use of tear gas as a means of collective punishment. The handwritten signs - scrawled in defiance of the state's power and the uni ...

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