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Greece paralysed by first general strike for months

A 24-hour general strike over austerity measures has closed schools and public offices and heavily disrupted transport throughout Greece. Two of the biggest unions called their members out, hitting the private as well as public sector. Greece has finally pulled out of a six-year recession, and its government is trying to exit a €240bn (£190bn; $300bn) international bailout. But Greeks are angry at continuin ...

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Miners strike lies: thirty years of hurt‏

Released cabinet papers confirm what we always knew - that Thatcher lied about almost every aspect of the Great Miners Strike of 1984-85. Former striking miner Joe Henry looks back in anger. Reading Paul Mason’s website about the recently released cabinet papers relating to the 1984 miners’ strike reminded me of the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbell’s, infamous comment: “If you tell a lie big enough ...

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Ripe for rebellion? Where protest is likeliest to break out

From anti-austerity movements to middle-class revolts, in rich countries and in poor, social unrest has been on the rise around the world. The reasons for the protests vary. Some are direct responses to economic distress (in Greece and Spain, for example). Others are revolts against dictatorship (especially in the Middle East). A number also express the aspirations of new middle classes in fast-growing emer ...

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Lessons From the Working Class

“The consciousness of a worker is not a curve that rises and falls with wages and prices; it is the accumulation of a lifetime of experience and socialization, inherited traditions, struggles successful and defeated . . . It is this weighty baggage that goes into the making of a worker’s consciousness and provides the basis for his behavior when conditions ripen . . . and the moment comes.” – E. P. Thompson ...

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OPEN LETTER TO PARENTS AND STUDENTS – The National Technical University of Athens Assembly of September 6th, 2013

The professors and employees of the National Technical University of Athens have decided to stand up with our heads high, instead of remaining idle and hopeless. We will do everything in our power to deliver the TechnicalUniversity as it is today and even improved, to the next generations, as it has been delivered to us… ...

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