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Take the square Netherlands

Assembly of Open Assemblies The last 3 years, no matter where we live, our lives are strongly influenced by the crisis. This crisis broke out in 2008 and transformed itself to a sovereign-debt crisis particularly in the EU-periphery. This crisis was not created by the people. The bankers and the financial institutions with the support of the governments are responsible for it. Today the people are asked to ...

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Students’ assemblies of the Occupied Universities of Athens: Call For Struggle

People, men and women, workers, Greeks and immigrants, The deepest darkness has covered our society. An unprecedented attack is launched against our rights that have been established after long struggles. Employment, education, health care and all public goods are entering a new medieval era. This new medieval era is imposed by the iron fist of the PASOK-government and the international mafia of the E.U. - ...

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Since the outburst of the financial crisis back in 2008, there is an on-going attack on the social and political rights of the people. This attack seems to be different across countries, but at a closer inspection, it becomes obvious that is actually the same. The policies of European governments, EU officials and IMF are common: budget cuts are imposed and human rights are deprived. However, during the las ...

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Amsterdam 29 Juni

Een maand geleden. Geleid door ons instinct, onvoorbereid en zonder elkaar te kennen kwamen we een maand geleden op de Dam bijeen, samen met Spanjaarden, Nederlanders en andere nationaliteiten om te demonstreren tegen het huidige politieke en economisch systeem. Dankzij deze diversiteit aan nationaliteiten realiseerden wij ons dat we te maken hebben met een globaal fenomeen, dat niet binnen de nauwe grenzen ...

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15th of June we meet outside the Greek embassy in Den Haag.

Wednesday 15th of June at 16.00 we are gathering at Den Haag central in order to reach the Greek embassy where we are going to make our stand.There are thoughts to deliver written the objections we Greek students,workers,unemployed and youth have and ask from the ambassador to transfer them to the Greek parliament as our voice has to be heard. Τετάρτη 16.00 έξω από την Ελληνική πρεσβεία στη Χάγη θα γίνει πα ...

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