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Vio.Metal. factory under workers’ management

In this video, the representatives of the workers of Viomihaniki Metalleftiki (Greece) talk about their attempt to take over the factory and run it as a cooperative of workers. Viomihaniki Metalleftiki (BIO.ME.) is a company producing building material. Last year, the management decided to abandon the company. In a unique (for Greece) move, the workers launched a project of taking over the factory and runni ...

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Solidarity to the striking seamen

Today, the government once again called for the requisition of workers in strike. This time it was the turn of the seamen that are struggling against the abolishment of their collective employment agreement and other regulations that protect their working rights. The new legislation of the government leads to layoffs and further wage cuts. Despite the requisition the union of the seamen just decided the con ...

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Solidarity to the public-transport strikers in Greece

  Workers and employees of Athens metro, urban train and the tram are facing wage cuts for the 4rth time in the last 2 years. Their salaries have been already reduced up to 45%. Now, the government wants to abolish their collective labor agreements that provide the minimum salaries for their particular sector and apply a payroll, common for all civil workers instead. The workers want to defend their co ...

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Days are coming, wild days… [dedicated to the murdered migrant with the bike].

Translated by ReINFORM In memory of SHEHZAD LUGMAN, the migrant from Pakistan who was murdered on 17 January 2013 at Petralona, Athens 17-01-2013 by Panagiotis Mavroidis Even the news on MEGA channel (cc. the most pro-government and neonazi-tolerant tv channel in Greece) today, Thursday 17th Jan 2013, that broadcasted it as one of the last news items, is informing us that th ...

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THEATER KIKKER IN UTRECHT From 8/1 until 26/1 Theater KIKKER in Utrecht presents a series of performances under the title: Greece on sale! (in Dutch: Griekenland in de uitverkoop). To advertise the performance, a big banner of the Greek flag with the word 'sale' was hang on the facade of the theater. Someone destroyed the banner. According to the artists, the aim of the performance is the study of the relat ...

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Rise of Fascism in Greece and Europe – Event report

On Saturday December 8th the event "The rise of fascism in Greece and Europe" organised by Reinform took place at "De Brakke Grond" in Amsterdam. It included presentations and a discussion looking at how and why fascist ideas and movements develop in society, with a focus on recent developments in Greece where a neo-nazi party (Golden Dawn) has suddenly gained electoral support and has entered the parliamen ...

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Rise of Fascism in Greece and Europe

Is Greece the Weimar Republic of today? What is the reason for the rise of fascism in Greece and Europe? Is there a relation between fascism, the economic crisis and EU austerity policies? How does the Greek neo-nazi party Golden Dawn take advantage of people's desperation to promote racist violence? What is the role of economic elites in the uprising of fascism? Finally, does fascism help the Greek governm ...

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Kristallnachtherdenking Amsterdam, 9 november 2012

The night of 9 of November 2012; 74 years after the Kristallnacht* the yearly event against racism and discrimination took place in Amsterdam. The event of this year was dedicated to racist violence and extreme right in Europe and was supported by several migrant organizations, trade unions and left-wing groups. A speaker originated from Greece talked about the similarities that are clear in today's Greek s ...

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Solidarity to workers of Viom. Metal. from Copenhagen

On Saturday 3/11/2012 a solidarity event was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the financial support of the VIOMET factory workers. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the support and solidarity to the workers that fight for the self-management of the factory. The event was organized by the political group Crisis Mirror. Crisis Mirror is based and operates in Copenhagen for about a year now, and it c ...

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