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On the European Elections (and not only…)

On the 25th of May the citizens of EU member states are going to vote for the European Parliament. While people in countries of EU, and especially in Greece, face the hardest ever attack on their basic rights in the history of EU, the question that arises is what position in the elections can facilitate the end of the crisis. The last years EU has clearly demonstrated a repulsive face: Using the global econ ...

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May 16 Amsterdam: “Shock Doctrine” Revisited: The Authoritarian Guise of the European Union in the Crisis

“Shock Doctrine” Revisited: The Authoritarian Guise of the European Union in the Crisis REAL WORLD ECONOMICS Friday, 16 MAY 2014, 20.30 to 22.30 hours Plantage Doklaan 8-12 in Amsterdam From 19.00 hours onwards, there will be great vegan food cooked by the ‘Kollektief Rampenplan' and books for sale from Boekhandel Rooie Rat After almost seven years of global economic crisis, the crisis’ disruptive impact co ...

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FASCISM INC documentary screening, April 10 at 7:00pm

REINFORM in cooperation with Filmhuis Cavia invites you to the very first screening of the documentary film FASCISM INC. Debtocracy and Catastroika’s production team steps into the discussion with another documentary. This time they will present to us unknown short stories from the past, the present and the future of fascism and its relation to the economic interests of each era. We will travel from Mussoli ...

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Greece’s EU-presidency a blow to democracy

Since the 1st of January 2014 the presidency of EU is held by the Greek prime-minister Antonis Samaras. In Greece, this was “celebrated” from the one side with a feast where the European leaders were invited and from the other side with arrests and teargas against the protesters who took to the streets of Athens. ...

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Farmakonisi Incident – A letter from Athens

This is an email sent by one of Reinform’s members who is at the moment in Athens, Greece. Yesterday she participated in the protest against the Greek Coast Guard which is allegedly accused of the drowning of 12 migrants (3 women and 9 children) off the coast of Farmakonisi island. ...

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Anti-Gold mining info evening: An attempt to build a strategy platform

On Sunday 8th of December ReINFORM invites you to an info evening about anti-gold mining struggles. Following our last action on November 9th for Skouries international day, we are extending our scope to build a network on mutual struggles taking place all over the world. El Dorado Gold Co. is involved in mining activities in Greece, Romania, Turkey, China, Brazil and Canada among others. [divide style="2"] ...

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