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ReINFORM – The crisis must be paid by those who created it

On Wednesday, February 11th, the negotiations between the Greek government and the Eurogroup began. The Greek government entered the negotiations by asserting a part of Greek people's demands who protested on the streets for years. They essentially ask for what goes without saying: the handling of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Greece. Such a handling can only be achieved by stopping the disastrous poli ...

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Solidarity with the people in Greece! No to the blackmail of the EU! – Press Release

Rectificatie Geachte pers, Gisteren hebben wij als medeorganisatoren deelgenomen aan de demonstratie in de Dam Amsterdam met het thema GIVE GREECE A CHANCE, SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE IN GREECE! NO TO THE BLACKMAIL OF THE EU! In de uitnodiging stond: “We nodigen iedereen uit om samen met de Griekse bevolking te demonstreren tegen de eis van de Eurogroep om de wurgcontracten in Griekenland te handhaven. We w ...

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The Resolution of Dam Square – 15/2/2015

We the people of Dam Square, we demand - the write off of the debt - the end of the austerity policies in Greece and in the Netherlands. We fight - so that we don't allow the banks to lead our lives - for the right of the people to make their own destiny. Venceremos ...

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Nikos Romanos brought the government to its knees!

After 31 days of hunger strike for his right to education, anarchist prisoner N. Romanos won. He and all the people who showed their solidarity during the last month and especially during the climactic last days with a lot of demonstrations in Athens and all over Greece forced the government to surrender and step back from their relentless attack against anyone who stands up against them for their rights. A ...

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Saturday, October 4at 3:00pm, Amsterdam. The fake ‘success story’ of austerity. Crisis in Greece and in the EU: winners and losers

The Dutch media, the EU officials and the Greek government cheer about a supposed success of austerity policies in Greece. They present that after 4 harsh years, the economy is going back in track and that the state is now functional to support the people. Similar stories flood occasionally the media on other austerity-hit countries such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland. In the Netherlands, similar austerity ...

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ReINFORM intervenes in a talk by member of the EU Task Force for Greece, Tom de Bruijn, on “Democracy in Greece, from the cradle to the grave?

Since the first bailout to Greece, in 2010, the Troika has been blackmailing Greek people with the dilemma “Memoranda or Bankruptcy”. Ever since, Greek people have experienced both: a total social bankruptcy that the adoption of Memoranda caused. “If you don't say yes to the Memoranda, you will have no gasoline for your cars, no food on the supermarket shelves, no medication in your drugstores, salaries and ...

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The Box – Comic presentation, Saturday 21 June, Utrecht

Reinform invites you to the presentation of the new comic of M. Astikos, The Box. Α comic telling the stories of three people, drawing upon recent events in Greece: An HIV-positive woman used as a scapegoat, a Greek man mistaken for an immigrant, and an antifascist, are all captured by the police and thrown in prison. Their fate is shaped by the hate rhetoric adopted by the mainstream politics and media. Wh ...

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Fascism Inc with Aris Chatzistefanou, Amsterdam May 31 at 6:00 pm, Nijmegen June 1 at 3:00 pm

On Saturday, May 31 at 6:00 pm, REINFORM in cooperation with BORDERLESS invite you to the screening of Fascism Inc. Aris Chatzistefanou, the creator of the film, will be there to discuss with us about the film and the rise of fascism and extreme right in The Netherlands. Amsterdam Facebook Event Nijmegen Facebook Event ...

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