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Two years of SYRIZA-ANEL’s rule in Greece: two years of the hardest austerity

(scroll naar beneden voor Nederlands) Debt increased, public assets sold. The Greek and European elites make profits. In January 2017 the coalition government of SYRIZA and ANEL will be two years in power. During this time, in the Dutch media there has been an almost total silence about Greece, interrupted only by short references to the ongoing negotiations for the disbursement of the loan tranches. Silenc ...

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European Union is killing refugees

A real crime is being committed over the past months in Europe. Thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries are trying to flee wars that others have caused in their countries and reach Europe in search of a better life. Hundreds of them have been washed up dead on the Greek islands. Although the European governments talk about a “humanitarian crisis” and pretend they take relief measur ...

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Village of all together – Call for help to the refugees in Lesvos, Greece

“Village of all together” was born in Lesbos in 2012 from the need to create a solidarity network as an answer to the consequences of the economic crisis but even more as an organized action to ensure that the local population will not become a victim of the Golden Dawn’s propaganda. Unlike other non-governmental organizations, the “Village of all together” is not a legal entity but a network of citizens, c ...

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Gezinsgevangenis voor vluchtelingen op Kamp Zeist is geen humaan alternatief

Eind mei 2014 liet staatssecretaris Teeven van Veiligheid en Justitie, verantwoordelijk voor het migratiebeleid, per brief aan de Tweede Kamer weten dat hij van plan is een speciale detentielocatie voor gezinnen en alleenstaande minderjarige vreemdelingen (amv’s) te openen. Deze nieuwe gevangenis moet begin 2015 gereed zijn en is gepland op het terrein van Kamp Zeist in Soesterberg. Kamp Zeist herbergt op h ...

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Farmakonisi Incident – A letter from Athens

This is an email sent by one of Reinform’s members who is at the moment in Athens, Greece. Yesterday she participated in the protest against the Greek Coast Guard which is allegedly accused of the drowning of 12 migrants (3 women and 9 children) off the coast of Farmakonisi island. ...

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Europe Sending Armies to Stop Immigrants

A Nov. 19 paper by the European External Action Service (EEAS), the EU diplomatic corps, considers the possibility of the European military getting involved in the south Mediterranean in an effort to curb the influx of irregular migrants and refugees into Europe. ...

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‘From the Bottom of Aegean Sea’[1] to Golden Dawn

In modern Greece we often deal with little or large semiological civil wars or with a semiological poly-phrenia since different institutions employ the same language for very different processes. For example ancient Greek words referring to hospitality may either refer to e.g. touristic industry’s slogans (i.e. philoxenia, xenia hotels etc.) or to refer to the most brutal and xenophobic police operation tha ...

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