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The Navigators

The Navigators is a 2001 British film directed by Ken Loach with screenplay by Rob Dawber. It shows the effects of privatisation on a Yorkshire railway company ...

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Protests in Madrid Against Public Health Privatization

Sunday, April 21. A massive demonstration was staged in the main streets of the capital to protest the plans of the government of the Community of Madrid to privatize the management of six hospitals and 27 health centers. Tens of thousands of people joined this Sunday the so called White Tide, an allusion to the color of the doctors' white coat, to demand free, quality public health. Users and professionals ...

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How privatizations work: The example of ATE bank

What kind of world is this? How is it possible to bury a compelling case such as the transfer of ATE Bank (Agricultural Bank of Greece S.A.) to Sallas? Why does it go unnoticed from all the major newspapers, right-wing and "democratic", the major channels, or even the major news web-sites? Who shuts mouths and how even elementary journalistic "curiosity" disappear from the Greek republic of memoranda? ATE b ...

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