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Hundreds of Greek seamen unpaid for months

By ELENA BECATOROS Associated Press DRAPETSONA, Greece -- In rain and shrieking wind, the ferry strains at its ropes, the gangplank creaking and scraping against the pier. A sailor on night watch duty huddles over a portable heater at the entrance to the cavernous hull. For seven months, often under harsh winter conditions, Giorgos Polilogidis has waited for one thing: a paycheck. A seasoned veteran of the ...

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Correspondence from Bulgaria

Translated by ReINFORM Correspondence from Bulgaria: “The events and developments of the Bulgarian Winter” Up to this time, protesting has been taking place daily (from February, 12 until today, March, 3). Every afternoon people gather at the city centers and protest. This happens in over 40 cities and villages, even in areas where no protests had ever happened before. The protests initially targeted the re ...

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A Very Greek Depression

Athens LIKE many Greeks caught in the maelstrom of the economic crisis, my wife and I live a day-to-day existence. Since the newspaper where I worked for 23 years (my wife for 17) went out of circulation in December of 2011, we have both been unemployed. Neither of us have received a paycheck in 18 months, as our newspaper stopped paying us five months before it closed. With unemployment for journalists at ...

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Study of the IME GSEVEE: “Income – Expenses of Households ”

This is part of a press release published in the 7th if February by the the Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE). The institute a non-profit organization that carries out studies and surveys, concerning the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Greek economy. Although the approach of the study is strictly business-orient ...

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Migrants found dead off Greek coast

Evros fence in the Northeast borders to stop migrants mainly coming through Turkey to Greece is completed with cost 3,160000€ . This is leading the migrants to try to come to European territory [Greece] through the sea via Turkey. This had a major implication with the rise of dead people; among them many children, found drawn in the shores of Greek islands and many more not found yet.   Aljazeera repor ...

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MOVEMENT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS SAMOS 20/11/2012 Briefing report In 2010 members of the Movement continued to visit the detention centre of Samos on a weekly basis.  Following serious allegations we received by detained refugees and given their inability to address the competent authorities by themselves, we gathered all acquired information and wrote a letter to the Ministry of Citizen Protection requesting to b ...

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By Augustine Zenakos: 425.000 Greek voters sided with a neonazi political party in the last election. Though Golden Dawn is implicated in a surge of violent attacks, and while its views range from the ridiculous to the downright racist, its popularity is rising by the day. What exactly is Golden Dawn, where does it come from, what is its true nature? What is the extent of their relationship to the police? A ...

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Protest at the detention centre in Corinth reveals inhuman and degrading detention conditions

The provisory detention centre for sans-papers was opened about four months ago in an overnight action by the Ministry of Citizen Protection and Public Order. It is one of three mass detention centres – the others are located in Xanthi and in Komotini – which were set up by the new government in the summer to fit the thousand arrested sans-papers captured during the Xenios Dias sweep operation. There have b ...

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The root of Europe’s riots

No wonder the protesters are back. They are angry at the backdoor rewriting of the social contract Ha-Joon Chang   Rioters beat a policeman during a rally against government austerity measures in Athens. Photograph: John Kolesidis/REUTERS Throughout the 1980s and 90s, when many developing countries were in crisis and borrowing money from the International Monetary Fund, waves of protests in those count ...

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