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Chomsky: How America’s Great University System Is Getting Destroyed

The following is an edited transcript of remarks given by Noam Chomsky via Skype on 4 February 2014 to a gathering of members and allies of the Adjunct Faculty Association of the United Steelworkers [3] in Pittsburgh, PA. The transcript was prepared by Robin J. Sowards and edited by Prof. Chomsky. On hiring faculty off the tenure track That’s part of the business model. It’s the same as hiring temps in indu ...

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The euro crisis and contradictions between countries in the periphery and centre of the European Union

The crisis that started in the United States in 2007-2008, hit the European Union head on in 2008, and has been causing major problems in the eurozone since 2010. [1]| Banks from the strongest European countries are responsible for spreading this plague from the United States to Europe, because they had invested massively in structured financial products. It is important to explain why this crisis has struc ...

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Stop the Monsanto frankenseed factory

Monsanto's extending its power over the globe, with a massive new frankenseed factory in Argentina. Sofía Gatica and local neighbours have spoken out, and she has received death threats and a brutal beating. The threat is urgent -- let's stand with them and stop the plant. ...

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The corporation invasion

A new treaty being negotiated in secret between the US and the EU has been specifically engineered to give companies what they want — the dismantling of all social, consumer and environmental protection, and compensation for any infringement of their assumed rights. ...

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European Commission nominates food lobbyist to EU food safety agency’s management board – again

The European Commission's Health and Consumers Directorate (SANCO) has short-listed a director of the biggest EU food industry lobby group FoodDrinkEurope among the candidates to the management board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Ms. Beate Kettlitz works in a leading position for the lobby group, which represents all major European food and drink corporations. It is the second year in a row ...

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Anti-Gold mining info evening: An attempt to build a strategy platform

On Sunday 8th of December ReINFORM invites you to an info evening about anti-gold mining struggles. Following our last action on November 9th for Skouries international day, we are extending our scope to build a network on mutual struggles taking place all over the world. El Dorado Gold Co. is involved in mining activities in Greece, Romania, Turkey, China, Brazil and Canada among others. [divide style="2"] ...

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Gold is our land, gold is our water, gold is the mountain and our beautiful village

International Action Day Against Gold Mines in Halkidiki  9 / 11 / 2013 Halkidiki is a peninsula of Northern Greece, with a very diverse, biologically important natural landscape, combining mountainous primordial forests with beautiful coastline. Part of it belongs to NATURA 2000 network and is protected by international conventions. Halkidiki’s landscape is also of historically and culturally precious as i ...

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The real agenda behind cutting red tape

By Magda Stoczkiewicz BRUSSELS - One of the worrying issues that emerged from last week’s European Council in Brussels is the ‘cut red tape’ initiative promoted by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The proposal, which was welcomed by other EU leaders, is cause for alarm and threatens the protection of European citizens and the environment. The initiative is based on a report prepared by a UK Business Task Fo ...

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