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Chomsky: It Is All Working Quite Well for the Rich, Powerful

C.J. Polychroniou and Anastasia Giamali: Neoliberal ideology claims that the government is a problem, society does not exist and individuals are responsible for their own fate. Yet, big business and the rich rely, as ever, on state intervention to maintain their hold over the economy and to enjoy a bigger slice of the economic pie. Is neoliberalism a myth, merely an ideological construct? Noam Chomsky: The ...

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Financial Secrecy Index – 2013 Results: Germany, US and UK are the biggest tax heavens in the world.

Germany, US and UK among the biggest tax heavens in the world. UK: New index reveals UK runs biggest part of global secrecy network This new edition of the Financial Secrecy Index shows that the United Kingdom is the most important global player in the financial secrecy world. While the UK itself ranks only in 21st place, it supports and partly controls a web of secrecy jurisdictions around the world, from ...

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Anne Frank’s Amsterdam: Nazi Occupation Of The Dutch Capital Contrasted With Images Of The Modern City

These incredible 'then-and-now' images show Anne Frank's Amsterdam contrasted with shots of the city from today. The pictures, which are part of an app called Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, show the Dutch capital under the occupation of the Nazis, with modern views set against dramatic black and white images of tanks, soldiers and refugees. Anne, who lived in hiding between 1942 and 1944, was eventually discovered ...

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The social partnership breaks up

After her re-election, Angela Merkel will again propose to the EU that the German economic model — thrift, probity, austerity and a formal partnership between employers and workers — should be the norm for all Europe. But that partnership, once  admired for its fairness, is failing. Now employers revel in local and global inequality. ...

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Offices of German defense contractors raided in Greece bribe probe

BREMEN, Germany, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- Two German military contractors have been raided amid a probe into alleged bribes paid to Greek officials to land submarine business, prosecutors say. A spokesman for prosecutors in Bremen told Deutsche Welle Friday the offices of Rheinmetall Defense Electronics and Atlas Elektronik were searched by police seeking evidence in connection with bribery and tax evasion allegati ...

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Profiteering: Crisis Has Saved Germany 40 Billion Euros

Germany has profited from the euro crisis to the tune of 41 billion euros in reduced interest payments. Strong demand for its debt has cut yields and made it cheaper for Germany to borrow. Meanwhile, the crisis has only cost Germany a mere 599 million euros thus far. Germany is profiting from the debt crisis by saving billions of euros in interest on its government debt, which has enjoyed a steep drop in yi ...

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4,000 police on duty for Schaeuble visit

Police ban all 'public gatherings and rallies' in huge swath of city centre from 9am and 8pm on Thursday, including Syntagma Square, focal points of scores of anti-austerity demonstrations. The Greek police has banned public protests in central Athens on Thursday for the duration of the visit of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, a decision the main opposition party Syriza described as "fascist and ...

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German engineering workers strike to press pay demands

(Reuters) - Almost 100,000 metal and electrical workers went on strike across Germany on Tuesday as they sought to put pressure on their employers to increase a pay offer, engineering union IG Metall said. The union is calling for wage hikes of up to 5.5 percent for some 3.7 million workers from May. It has so far rejected an offer from employers to increase wages by 2.3 percent from July following two mont ...

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Southern Europeans Flock to Germany

               Associated Press  German flags wave in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin. FRANKFURT—Immigration to Germany hit a 17-year high last year as Southern Europeans flocked north to escape economic recession and search for jobs, fueling the debate over the consequences of immigration for the German economy. In all, 1.08 million people moved to Germany last year, or 13% more than in 2011, Ger ...

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