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Joy as Turkish election result puts pro-Kurdish party into parliament

Thousands of jubilant Kurds flooded the streets of Diyarbakir, south east Turkey,on Sunday, setting off fireworks and waving flags as the pro-Kurdish opposition looked likely to enter parliament as a party for the first time. The Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP) said initial results from Sunday’s election showed it would take 80 of 550 seats, a stunning result for a party that pollsters had said would strugg ...

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Italy from Crisis to Crisis

Montism after Monti and the constituent challenge for movements. by Francesco Raparelli   The scenario is very uncertain, yet it is worth to try and guess some developments. Uncertain, because the financial markets attack on Italian bonds has not fully unfolded yet. Within hours, we will hear how dramatically our yield spread over Germany has w ...

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Dutch Socialists Push Back at Austerity

 Roemer's Presence in a Coalition Could Tip Balance of the Netherlands' Approach to the Euro-Zone Crisis By MATTHEW DALTON BOXMEER, the Netherlands—Emile Roemer is the smiling face of an electoral force that is upending Dutch politics and threatening to challenge Europe's German-led austerity strategy for solving the euro-zone crisis. Mr. Roemer, a former elementary-school teacher, is head of the Dutch Soci ...

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Greece's biggest hospital struggles as austerity cuts bite – video

As Greece faces the most important election in a generation, its public healthcare system is on the verge of total collapse, with many hospitals forced to cancel operations. Greek documentary maker Aris Chatzistefanou, whose films Debtocracy and Catastroika have made him one of the most exciting young voices in Europe was given access to Nikaia hospital to meet the doctors struggling to keep their patients ...

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The Greek elections on May 6 delivered a clear message: NO MORE AUSTERITY. No political party or coalition has any legitimacy to continue the austerity policies either inside or outside the Eurozone. Regardless the result of the coming elections we will continue to take the streets and struggle against the neoliberal policies in Greece and all over Europe. The victory of the people in Greece will be a victo ...

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From Athens to Amsterdam: NO to the cutbacks!

Saturday June 16th Solidarity rally 15:00 Beursplein, Amsterdam From Athens to Amsterdam: NO to the cutbacks! Solidarity with the Greek resistance against European austerity The developments in Greece concern all of us. The long-lasting implementation of harsh austerity measures has led the country into a deep social crisis. The EU and the IMF demand the continuation of these disastrous policies in Greece a ...

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Tahrir Square protests resume over Mubarak and presidential election

Thousands march on Tahrir to demand retrial for Mubarak and removal of Ahmed Shafik from the presidential runoff. Thousands of protesters descended on Tahrir Square on Tuesday as the schism threatening to tear Egyptian politics apart continued ahead of the presidential election runoff later this month. Several marches set off throughout the capital to join up with protesters already in Tahrir. The latest ro ...

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Boodschap van de Grieken aan heel Europa: ‘stop de bezuinigingen onmiddellijk'

Geplaatst door redactie, Bij de verkiezingen in Griekenland behaalde de linkse partij Syriza, die zich tegen bezuinigingen keert, een grote winst. Omdat er geen regering kon worden gevormd, gaan de Grieken op 17 juni opnieuw naar de stembus. Dimitris Pavlopoulos, docent aan de Vrije Universiteit en activist, geeft voor zijn visie op de situatie in Griekenland. Bij de afgelopen ve ...

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