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Vio.Metal. factory under workers’ management

In this video, the representatives of the workers of Viomihaniki Metalleftiki (Greece) talk about their attempt to take over the factory and run it as a cooperative of workers. Viomihaniki Metalleftiki (BIO.ME.) is a company producing building material. Last year, the management decided to abandon the company. In a unique (for Greece) move, the workers launched a project of taking over the factory and runni ...

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Greece might stop paying salaries by summer

Unions question the wisdom of austerity as unemployment grows and a contracting economy means less tax revenue. Greece’s austerity policies could create a crisis of insolvency within the country, undermining the very reason they were implemented – to repay the country’s debt - says the country’s biggest labour confederation. “I am afraid that we may see a phenomenon that could cause a social explosion,” say ...

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A Very Greek Depression

Athens LIKE many Greeks caught in the maelstrom of the economic crisis, my wife and I live a day-to-day existence. Since the newspaper where I worked for 23 years (my wife for 17) went out of circulation in December of 2011, we have both been unemployed. Neither of us have received a paycheck in 18 months, as our newspaper stopped paying us five months before it closed. With unemployment for journalists at ...

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Study of the IME GSEVEE: “Income – Expenses of Households ”

This is part of a press release published in the 7th if February by the the Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE). The institute a non-profit organization that carries out studies and surveys, concerning the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Greek economy. Although the approach of the study is strictly business-orient ...

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Solidarity Resistance Self-organization

In times of economical, social, political and existential crisis, when our rights and our very life are under attack, solidarity is a necessity for the survival of all those who suffer from the neoliberal barbarity. Resistance is the only option against the detrimental policies of both the troika and the governing coalition. Self-organization is the starting point for grassroots mobilization, participation ...

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Greek cuts threaten children with special needs

Amid another public sector strike in Greece there are concerns that austerity measures will deprive children with special needs. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff protested outside the health ministry on Thursday, joining transport workers in a 24 hour stoppage against pay cuts. A prominent state orphanage and school for children with special needs in the Athens suburbs is at risk of shutting down. It care ...

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Greece: How Long Until Junta?

A description of a lazy and corrupted nation that does not recognise the sacrifices made by the Germans and an unrest caused by anarchists against whom only fascists can fight back.. This picture would justify a coup, right? Now we can all agree that they did it to themselves and they deserve it, right? A scandalous analysis by Huffington Post. Comment by ReINFORM ------------------------------------------- ...

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Six out of ten Greek citizens have no access to Basic Health Services.

More than half of the Greek citizens, due to financial difficulties, cannot visit dentists or have precautionary health checks. In other words they have no access to Basic Health Services. Most of them visit the outpatients' clinics of Public Hospitals which during the last few months are getting dramatically busy. According to data brought to publicity by Giannis Kiriakopoulos, Professor of Finance for Hea ...

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Solidarity to the public-transport strikers in Greece

  Workers and employees of Athens metro, urban train and the tram are facing wage cuts for the 4rth time in the last 2 years. Their salaries have been already reduced up to 45%. Now, the government wants to abolish their collective labor agreements that provide the minimum salaries for their particular sector and apply a payroll, common for all civil workers instead. The workers want to defend their co ...

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