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Europe’s public health disaster: How austerity kills

(CNN) -- If austerity had been a clinical trial, it would have been stopped. As public health experts, we have watched aghast as a slow motion disaster arose from austerity policies in Europe, while politicians continue to ignore the evidence of their disastrous effects. Austerity was designed to shrink debts. Now, three years after Europe's budget-cutting began, the evidence is in: severe, indiscriminate a ...

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Impossible Biographies

Many years before the first clouds of the crisis would hover over the greek skies, amidst greek society's most glorious of moments and its most mundane of days, the lives and labour of migrants would be faced with their meticulous devaluation. Impossible Biographies from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.   For them, the crisis has by now come of age. Yet despite and against shallow journalistic interpretations, t ...

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Debt of Sisyphus: Greek economy’s coma is a misguided political experiment

Austerity is destroying the free part of the Greek economy, leaving government more dysfunctional than ever. Worse news: it will need yet another bailout... Seasoned economic observers remain shocked by recent events. Greece will soon need another bailout. That’s not remotely surprising. What shocks is that there remains some semblance of an economy to bail out after 6 years of depression. Greece is bust, t ...

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Greece: here come the vulture funds

Financial 'investors' have already made a killing on Greek debt, but this activity isn't inevitable – such vultures can be challenged 'Vulture funds honed their skills against developing countries.' Photograph: Craig Fujii/Associated Press Not everyone is unhappy about the desperate straits of the Greek economy. A group of financial "investors" made a killing on Greek debt on Tuesday – purely by being the m ...

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Student’s death touches nerve in austerity-hit Greece

(Reuters) - A 19-year old Greek student who died after an argument with a bus ticket inspector has come to symbolize the plight of a population ground down by worsening poverty and unemployment. Thanassis Kanaoutis suffered a fatal head injury when he fell or jumped from a moving bus as it passed through a middle-class neighborhood of Athens late on Tuesday. Prosecutors have not yet established how Kanaouti ...

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Back to a feudal Europe

Are the economic policies needed to maintain the euro still compatible with democracy? Greece’s state broadcaster was established after the fall of the military dictatorship. Last month the Greek government (which is implementing EU injunctions) decided to shut it down without authorisation from parliament (see Where Syriza stands). ...

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Shared symbolism of global youth unrest

Paul Mason Economics editor, for The language and the time zone changes but, from Turkey and Bulgaria to Brazil, the symbolism of protest is increasingly the same. The Guy Fawkes masks, the erection of tent camps, the gas masks and helmets improvised in response to the use of tear gas as a means of collective punishment. The handwritten signs - scrawled in defiance of the state's power and the uni ...

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Call for solidarity to the workers of ERT, 13 June in Amsterdam.

On Tuesday night, the Greek government blocked the transmission of the Greek public broadcaster (ERT). The decision was taken earlier that day by the government in a totally undemocratic way. There was no prior discussion about it in the parliament. PM Samaras' "success story" has not convinced anyone, so he decided to take one more "successful" step towards the Troika's demand for 4.000 layoffs of civil se ...

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