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Housing: Right or Commodity


ReInform is organising an event about housing that will take place on Saturday 24th of March, at 15:00, at LAB111 (Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam).

You are invited to join our discussion about housing which is not considered a basic human right any more but rather a commodity very difficult to obtain. We will also talk about how our cities and neighbourhoods are now shaped to serve the market trends and not the needs of the society.

Our speakers will be Tonia Katerini (architect and member of Solidarity4All), Bart Stuart (activist and artist) and Menno Grootveld (publisher, writer, translator and journalist) who are both members of the group Fair City Movement, and a member of ReInform. The documentary “Ekümenopolis: City Without Limits” which focuses on the urbanization of Istanbul will be screened as well.

This event is the first of a series that ReInform will organise against the T.I.N.A. dogma (There Is No Alternative): One of the biggest weapons of modern capitalism is to promote the notion that even if things are bad, there is no better alternative, so what is left for us to do is to accept the current situation without protest. The scope of these events is to show how different and seemingly unconnected social issues are directly related to the current financial system and initiate discussions about the way we can fight towards a solution to these issues.


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