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Solidarity with Anne Fleur Dekker!

This is a story about far-right in the Netherlands and how it is trying to intimidate everyone who fights against it.


After the Dutch elections many commentators and citizens were pleased with the fact that Geert Wilders has failed to come first. Nevertheless the reality shows that despite this supposed fail, the ideas and practices of the far-right become more and more acceptable in Dutch politics and the main stream media. Voters of Wilders and Thierry Baudet have sent life-threatening messages to Anne Fleur Dekker, an 22-year old activist and until recently member of Groen Links (Green Left) because a day after the elections she wrote an article on against Thierry Baudet with the title: “Baudet is Wilders in sheep’s clothing.” The reason behind these threats is rather obvious: Intimidating everyone who dares stand up to fascist practises in society. Anne Fleur had to go into hiding to be protected from these threats becoming in this way yet another victim of far-rights just because she dared raise her voice against them.

The reaction of the main stream media was to turn against her rather than trying to stand by her.  Besides the threats by far-right voters, Anne Fleur was attacked by the TV presenter Jeroen Pauw as well during the TV show “Pauw”. During this show, she was told off that she has to be careful with her statements and tweets otherwise she might cause an attack on Wilders. What Jeroen Pauw actually did as a TV presenter was to play the role of the bodyguard of far-right politicians and turn a blind eye on the attack on Anne Fleur.

The reaction of Groen Links was even worse. Although they claim to be left, it appears that struggling against far-right is not one of their priorities. They took rather a safe distance from the attack on Anne Fleur and denied the support she really needed by simply announcing that they support the freedom of expression. It turns out that while Groen Links are busy with the negotiations about their participation in a coalition-government with neoliberal parties of the Dutch right, they are ready to sacrifice not only the few left key points of their political programme and their supposed democratic sensitivities but also their own members who fight against far-right. And this the reason why Anne Fleur has now cancelled her Groen Links membership.

With this statement we want to show our solidarity with Anne Fleur Dekker and all the victims of far-right. We want also to remind everyone that the main stream media’s tolerance and support towards the far-right in Greece ended up in the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

Let’s fight all together against far-right and not allow them creating more victims! We invite all the democratic political parties to break their silence. We invite particularly Groen Links to stop pretending that nothing serious has happened and instead show in practice that they are really a left party that believes in democracy. We invite all the media as well to stop offering friendly services to far-right.

Let’s fight all together against fascist practices in politics and society!



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