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Loud protest against Le Pen and Wilders

About 60 people protested against the visit of French extreme-right politician Marine Le Pen in Den Haag. She was here to talk to Geert Wilders about European cooperation.

A loud cacophony was provided by drums, horns and an air raid siren. With this noise protest, the anti-fascists made it clear that they were not pleased with Le Pen’s visit and the racist ideology of the Front National and the PVV. The sound was audible inside of Parliament.

Several speeches were given emphasizing the worrisome and dangerous trend of the rise of the extreme right throughout Europe. Their cooperation in the European Parliament increases this threat. Racists also feel empowered by this development. This was also visible during the PVV demonstration last September where members of every Dutch neo-nazi and fascist group were present. A participant at this demonstration even gave the Hitler-salute. Banners were carried with the text “Own Volk First” and the Prince’s Flag (made infamous by the NSB) was carried by several participants. Instead of doing something about this, several PVV members of
parliament wore lapel-pins with this flag to work several days later.


And that is the danger, the rise in popularity of the far right gives them the idea that they can openly spread their hate and put a deed to their word. That is why it is important to keep raising your voice against racism.

After several hours of making noise, Le Pen’s and Wilder’s press conference began at 15:30. At that moment, the riot police (ME) attacked the demonstrators, supposedly because someone had said something insulting. Instead of speaking to the spokesperson of the demonstration, the ME began to beat people immediately.

Several people were injured. Someone was beaten bloody on his head with something that looked like the back of a pepper-spray can while he has already subdued. Afterwards, he was thrown on the ground and two riot police sat on top of him. A woman was hit with a night stick on her mouth and now has a crack in her tooth. Other people were hit on their arms, heads, and mouths. 3 people were arrested. According to the police, one for hindering an arrest, and the other two for insulting an officer.

Not then! Not now! Never again fascism!


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