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Days are coming, wild days… [dedicated to the murdered migrant with the bike].

Translated by ReINFORM

In memory of SHEHZAD LUGMAN, the migrant from Pakistan who was murdered on 17 January 2013 at Petralona, Athens

17-01-2013 by Panagiotis Mavroidis
Even the news on MEGA channel (cc. the most pro-government and neonazi-tolerant tv channel in Greece) today, Thursday 17th Jan 2013, that broadcasted it as one of the last news items, is informing us that the two murderers of the 26-year-old Pakistani migrant, SHEHZAD LUGMAN, are indeed members of the neo-Nazi group “Golden Dawn”.

The house of one them, according to police investigation and the newspaper Kathimerini , was a repository of pamphlets of the neo-Nazi gang which is subsidised with a few millions by the Greek State.

The cesspools of the elite are full and this cannot be hidden any more neither by Ms Tremi ( cc. a well-known newscaster) nor by Mr Alafouzos (cc. media owner). These pit holes have a stink of death which makes the concealment of the “Lagarde list” (list of suspected tax evaders with HSBC-Swiss bank accounts) smell like French cologne.

This time, the crime was not included in the headlines of the puppet-channels, and the well-known conscience-abusers did not scream against violence. The PM failed to make a statement for the new case of “lawlessness”. The loquacious parties of PASOK and DIMAR (cc. parties participating in the government coalition) did not call for the eradication of “violence”.

But it was not a big deal. He was just a Pakistani, a poor labourer who was working at a bakery of the neighbourhood; he was not so important, he was neither Greek nor a member of the elite.

He was just simply stabbed with a knife. No murder weapons were employed, such as gas masks or flagpoles … [The media and the government is regularly accusing of violence demonstrators using gas masks and flag poles]

After all, the murderers had a serious reason, as they confessed: the victim blocked their way with his bike! If he had at least a SUV, even with a bit dark skin, they could have tolerated it…

But our own way is also blocked. It is blocked by the posh business world, by the people that have the vulgarity of power and their pockets full of money. It is also blocked by all the stinking servants of this world, the representatives of the capitalism who are called “State”, bourgeois political parties, mass media of deceit, fascists of the “Black Night”, as well as by some ridiculous representatives of the church who bless the fascist murderers during the opening of their offices.

They block our way, they blacken our sky, but at the same moment they want us to become subordinate to them and to worship them. They don’t want us to have just empty pockets but also empty brains. The only way-out they want to leave us is the principle: “your death is my life” which is very convenient for them. Every now and then, they are also using ex-politicians such as Tsochatzopoulos (already in jail) and Papakontantinou (being prosecuted at this moment for removing names of his relatives from the “Lagarde list’) as scapegoats to hoax the anger of the unemployed and the unpaid workers.

They are destroying our present, but they also consider themselves owners of our future, by mortgaging our livesand forcing the young people to immigrate, without a return ticket to find a job at any cost and become easy subjects of humiliation.

But they should not complain. As they made their bed, so they must lie in it.

They will wake up by the ghost of a new round of social unrests and conscious revolutions with banners suggesting: “everything for all’ and ‘’everybody for each one’.

Let their embellishers, the slimy politicians of the left who serve the establishment of “law and order”, the well-fed by the media cajolers of the power to offer their last services stammering and begging on their knees:

“Oh no, you can’t talk about guillotines guys!”

No, ridiculous hypocrites, don’t be confused. We are not talking about the middle-ages conditions you are creating. On the contrary, we are talking about the civilization of justice and truth, for the sacred right of the people to live by revolting collectively and ruining your world. The people will bury you with their laughter and their ambition which will be based on fraternity and solidarity. All these ideas that cannot cross the minds of those who became rich at the expense of others, or the minds the bureaucrats of the Euro-fed Troika, or the fascists of the ’deep state’ leaning on the backs of the state…

 Bright days that will blind you with their light are on their way.

P.S. On January 19th, let all of us flood the streets of Athens by participating in the big antifascist demonstration. We owe this to SHEHZAD.


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