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Solidarity to workers of Viom. Metal. from Copenhagen

On Saturday 3/11/2012 a solidarity event was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the financial support of the VIOMET factory workers. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the support and solidarity to the workers that fight for the self-management of the factory.

The event was organized by the political group Crisis Mirror. Crisis Mirror is based and operates in Copenhagen for about a year now, and it consists of people (workers, students) of many nationalities whose common ideological background is the fight against capitalism (

Many people responded to this call for support and a significant amount of money was collected – which will be sent immediately – as a means to strengthen the fight of the VIOMET workers. A document with relevant information was also distributed.

Before the party the film entitled ”The Take” ( was screened, followed by an interesting discussion about this particular type of fight (self-organized factory management).

In the era of capitalist brutality workers must oppose their most important weapon: solidarity.



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