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From Athens to Amsterdam: NO to the cutbacks!

Saturday June 16th
Solidarity rally
15:00 Beursplein, Amsterdam

From Athens to Amsterdam: NO to the cutbacks!
Solidarity with the Greek resistance against European austerity

The developments in Greece concern all of us. The long-lasting implementation of harsh austerity measures has led the country into a deep social crisis. The EU and the IMF demand the continuation of these disastrous policies in Greece and in other EU-member states. It is time to turn the tide: People before profit and citizens before banks! Join the solidarity rally on Saturday June 16th, the day before the
Greek elections, at the Beursplein in Amsterdam to convey the message to the Greek people: your struggle is our struggle – vote against austerity!

The Troika – the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the IMF – demand from the new Greek government to impose even harder austerity measures. According to internal reports, these measures include the firing of 150.000 civil servants, the reduction of mean salaries and pensions to €600 and €400 per month, respectively and the complete abolition of employment protection and the welfare state. These measures will be applied on top of the already-imposed 25% income reduction, the 100.000 bankrupt companies and the 21% unemployment.

In a meantime the situation in Greece has become critical. Hospitals lack medical supplies, half of the young people are unemployment, in many companies the workers have not been paid for months, homelessness and suicides are rapidly increasing. No wonder the Greek people are fighting back in massive waves of resistance against these inhuman policies.

Why does all this concern us? The Greeks are in the front line of the European politics of the crisis. They are the guinea pig for a policy that is on the agenda of the entire continent. The Kunduz-agreement follows the same line as the first austerity policies that were applied in Greece. And in the same way that Greek people were deprived of their democracy with the European mandates, we risk being deprived of ours as well. Moreover, across Europe the extreme-right is trying to profit by blaming Muslims and migrants for the crisis. That is why these elections are not only about the future of Greece, but about our future as well.

If the Troika manages to achieve their aim, then other countries will soon follow the path of Greece. First Spain, Portugal and Ireland, and then the so-called ‘core-countries’. But if the Greeks manage to stop these disastrous policies, this will become an example for all Europeans and show that an alternative is possible. One which taxes the rich instead of the poor, where people have control over the economy and where hope prevails over hatred.
On Saturday the 16th of June, we call everybody to come to the Beursplein and declare to the Greeks: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The workers, the pensioners, the students and the unemployed of Europe share the same interests:


Saturday June 16
15:00 Beursplein

Organized by Reinform, Internationale Socialisten, DIDF, Grenzeloos, Real Democracy Groningen, Doorbraak, Kritische Studenten Utrecht en Ander Europa.

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