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Anonymous hacks into phone call between FBI and Scotland Yard

Investigators can be heard discussing joint inquiry into cybercrime in 15-minute call released on the internet Sandra Laville for guardian Hackers from the group Anonymous have broadcast a private conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard exposing details of an international cybercrime investigation, the FBI has confirmed. The FBI and Scotland Yard admitted that the security of the call had been bre ...

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Anniversary of the shooting of Alexandros Grigoropoulos

On 6 December 2008, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15-year-old student, was killed in cold blood by two policemen in Exarcheia in central Athens. The murder of Alexandros by the police resulted in large protests and demonstrations, which escalated to widespread rioting, with hundreds of rioters engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Demonstrations and rioting soon spread to seve ...

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Food chain slaves

It is a nation built on the abolition of slavery, but there are at least 40,000 slaves in the US today. In the opening episode of Slavery: A 21st Century Evil, Al Jazeera's Rageh Omaar investigates food chain slavery, considered the easiest form of slavery to stamp out, in the US. The US has been leading the global fight against modern slavery. But, according to conservative estimates, there are between 40, ...

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Tegenlicht: Metamorfose van een crisis

By VPRO Kort na aanvang van de financiële crisis van 2008 verzamelt de socioloog Manuel Castells op verzoek van de vermogende Gulbenkian Foundation in Lissabon een kleine groep van internationale topintellectuelen om zich heen om dieper over de crisis na te denken. Terwijl de crisis zich ontpopt en steeds nieuwe vormen aanneemt, doopt Castells zijn groep The Aftermath Network, een verwijzing naar de nieuwe ...

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The Grapes of Wrath film. Directed in 1940 but so up-to-date..

The Grapes of Wrath is a 1940 drama film directed by John Ford. It was based on John Steinbeck's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Nunnally Johnson and the executive producer was Darryl F. Zanuck. The film tells the story of the Joads, an Oklahoma family, who, after losing their farm during the Great Depression in the 1930s, become migrant workers and end up in Cal ...

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The American Dream

The AMERICAN DREAM is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of our government system. All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Fede ...

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