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European Union is killing refugees

A real crime is being committed over the past months in Europe. Thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries are trying to flee wars that others have caused in their countries and reach Europe in search of a better life. Hundreds of them have been washed up dead on the Greek islands. Although the European governments talk about a “humanitarian crisis” and pretend they take relief measur ...

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Rupture with the EU: Α return to the “cave age” or a new “golden age”?

(The article was initially published in the Greek newspaper "Prin" on 30th May 2015 and it was translated into English by ReINFORM.) When the mild arguments about the “people’s house” and the EU’s ability to transform fall apart, the neoliberal/Memoranda bloc resorts to the only argument left: breaking with the EU equals to returning to the “cave age”. By Leonidas Vatikiotis It is worthwhile to attempt an o ...

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Dijsselbloem, resign from Eurogroup presidency!

Dijsselbloem, treed af als voorzitter van de Eurogroep! Door Dimitris Pavlopoulos, Arbeidssocioloog VU (scroll down for English) Hoe Dijsselbloem de Griekse economie ondermijnt Op 5 juli, de dag van het referendum in Griekenland, heeft de voorzitter van de Eurogroep en PvdA prominent, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, een brief gestuurd aan de leden van zijn partij. Naar mijn mening bevat de brief van dhr. Dijsselbloem ...

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Mediterranean deathtoll: Accidents or EU policy?

With the death toll of African and Asians on their way to Europe rising by the thousands, the European Union has showed once again that it is ready to pay the price of lives lost at sea to maintain the myth of sovereignty over its borders. With ever growing securitization and militarization of its immigrations policies, the European Union is closing the gates to the unwanted outsiders and covers the Mediter ...

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ReINFORM – The crisis must be paid by those who created it

On Wednesday, February 11th, the negotiations between the Greek government and the Eurogroup began. The Greek government entered the negotiations by asserting a part of Greek people's demands who protested on the streets for years. They essentially ask for what goes without saying: the handling of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Greece. Such a handling can only be achieved by stopping the disastrous poli ...

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Job substitution

Doorbraak has published a lot of articles on the issue of forced labour for benefit claimants. The emphasis has mainly been on the regime they have to work under. But equally important is the substitution of regular paid work that is the consequence of forced labour. This substitution undermines the entire system of paid labour: why should an employer pay for workers when it is becoming easier all the time ...

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Nikos Romanos brought the government to its knees!

After 31 days of hunger strike for his right to education, anarchist prisoner N. Romanos won. He and all the people who showed their solidarity during the last month and especially during the climactic last days with a lot of demonstrations in Athens and all over Greece forced the government to surrender and step back from their relentless attack against anyone who stands up against them for their rights. A ...

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Reactie regering Samaras op Romanos is symptomatisch voor algemeen beleid

Door Herbert Ploegman (Herbert Ploegman is als cultureel-antropoloog afgestudeerd aan de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam. Momenteel bereidt hij een onderzoek voor naar nieuwe vormen van samenleven in de crisis in Griekenland.) In Athene is de hongerstaking van anarchist en wegens een bankoverval gedetineerde Nikos Romanos een gebeurtenis van belang geworden in de strijd die regering en protesterende burgers ...

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Kamerleden, laat je niet inpalmen door Shell

'Dat óók Shell niet 'schoon en veilig' kan fracken blijkt uit onderzoek van Milieudefensie in Oekraïne en Argentinië, dat daar stuitte op een flink aantal dubieuze praktijken' Door Ike Teuling, Campaigner Energie bij Milieudefensie Een delegatie van Tweede Kamerleden bracht begin deze week een bezoek aan schaliegasboorlocaties van Shell in de Verenigde Staten, om meer te weten te komen over de impact van sc ...

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